Your Dental Health
Regular dental checkups are the best way to ensure healthy teeth and gums. The rule of thumb: try your best to come in 2x a year for cleanings and check-ups.

Second Opinions
Confused??? Too many options? Dentistry offers different approaches and costs. We are always pleased to offer a second opinion and ease you suffering!


Your First Visit

Your first visit as a New Patient will consist of a thorough examination of your mouth, including an oral cancer screening, gum measurements, mapping of all the teeth, and the taking of photographic and radiographic pictures.

We answer all your questions and alleviate your concerns by developing a plan that works best for your individual needs.

Please assist us before your first visit by filling out:
    Please print and fill out both pages of our medical history form
    Please provide a detailed list from your pharmacy of all you medications


We offer walk-in and same-day emergency services. We will assess your problem, give you options, and alleviate the pain. If a more extensive procedure is needed, we will book you back as soon as possible.

"Nothing to Hide" Approach

We will ALWAYS list all options and estimates up-front. We will answer your questions and address all your concerns and make sure you are comfortable BEFORE we perform any procedure.


We accept major credit cards and interac.

Dental Insurance

We bill your insurance directly. We will work with your dental insurance, complete and submit your claims, and help you get the most out of your dental benefits!


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